Friday, June 04, 2010

So Happy

Today, I went to my final Jefferson Cup meeting to discuss and vote for the winner and honor books. I just got back about 20 minutes ago.

I can't tell you who won yet, but I can tell you that I am beyond thrilled about the winner and honor books. When it got down to the finalists, it was very difficult to make my final choice, and if the results had been different, I would have been okay with any of the others winning.

Everyone also chose their selections for the "Jefferson Cup Overfloweth" presentation at the VLA and VEMA conferences. Committee members will have dinner with the author the night before (so exciting) and we will have the Jefferson Cup luncheon honoring the winner the following day. The Overfloweth presentation will immediately follow the luncheon. I'm really looking forward to VLA this year! Being on the Jefferson Cup committee was quite a bit of work, but it was a great experience.

Now, I get to catch up on the past few months of new books!

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