Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Audiobook(s) of the Week: Feed and Native American Heroines

If you need a gripping, on the edge of your seat audiobook, look no further than M.T. Anderson's Feed (as long as you're aware of the strong and frequent profanity). This is an outstanding production; mega-brag, as the characters would say. Centered in a culture in which people wear feeds that not only constantly pump in information, advertisements, and entertainment, but also control their environment, Feed is an intense, hilarious, heartbreaking, and chilling story.

The reader, David Aaron Baker, is phenomenal. He speaks in "teen talk" in an effortless and believable manner. His inflections for the many characters in the story, male and female, are meaningful, realistic, dead on, and remain constant throughout the story. The actors performing the feed's commercials are awesome, and I looked forward to their appearances throughout the story. Even though I knew how the story ended, I had to take the long way home Monday night because I didn't want to stop the CD. This is a brilliant production.

Native American Heroines was my first experience with a Rabbit Ears Entertainment recording. I'm eager to listen to our other Rabbit Ears Entertainment CDs; they are beautifully produced. Native American Heroines features a story about Sacajawea and a Native American legend about a girl who gives up her birthday gift in order to help her community. The readers, Laura Dern (for the Song of Sacajawea) and Geena Davis (for Princess Scargo) are excellent, although I wouldn't recommend listening to this CD in the car. Their sweet and calm voices on this CD, as well as the soothing musical touches and interlude are more suitable for a bedtime (or naptime!) listen.

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Fauquier County Public Library Staff said...

I listened to feed a couple of years was one of my then teenage daugher's favorite books. I really felt that listening to this book and hearing "the feed" made the story much more intense. A great read or "listen". DJS