Thursday, January 13, 2011

Moon Over Manifest

Quick post today.

Wonderful book! Definitely deserved the Newbery. It requires a patient reader, but it's so worth it. After finishing it, I just sat there for a few seconds, thinking about the book. Abilene is a fantastic character.

I picked up Unraveling Freedom several days before I started Moon Over Manifest. Although Moon Over Manifest takes place in 1936, a great deal of the book deals with the (psychological) effects of World War I and touches upon the prejudice and discrimination faced by German-Americans (and other European immigrants). Reading Unraveling Freedom helped to inform my reading of Moon Over Manifest. Don't do what I did and read the first several pages during your lunch break; the sinking of the Lusitania is told in graphic detail.

I have to confess that I didn't think I would like Heart of a Samurai. Don't know why; I knew part of it was a sea story, and I'm not a big sea story fan.

WELL. I could hardly put it down last night. It's a fascinating read about the first Japanese person to set foot in the United States. It's an exciting and intriguing read. The author pulls you immediately into the story; if you know someone with a historical fiction assignment (especially a boy), hand him/her this book.

Told you that was quick!

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