Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading Challenges

No, not challenging reading. Reading challenges! I've started (and not completed) several reading challenges in the course of this blog, but have never officially joined one of the numerous reading challenges that are shared across the blogosphere. I gave up on my personal reading challenges some time ago, but I've been inspired by Mr. Schu's Newbery challenge. I've had a perpetual Newbery challenge for many years, but it's been dormat for quite some time (I'm also reading the Honor books).  Once I whittle down my TBR pile to a respectable amount, I'm going to dive right back into the canon.  Not only that, I'm planning to get through those difficult 1920s novels once and for all.

Not to be outdone, LibLaura5 is hosting a Caldecott challenge. Hmmm.

If the Newbery and Caldecott challenges aren't your cup of tea, check out A Novel Challenge, where you're certain to find a reading challenge just for you.  While most reading challenges consist of a variety of genres and titles, several involve reading a specific title (like the Forever Amber challenge). 




Ms. Yingling said...

The Newbery Challenge had no appeal to me-- I've already struggled through Waterless Mountain and Gay-Neck, neither of which any of my students will read. In fact, there were so many giggles over Gay-Neck that I finally weeded it.

Jennifer Schultz said...

I have The Story of Mankind, The Dark Frigate, Shen of the Sea, and Gay Neck left from the 1920s. I have Tales From Silver Lands marked as read, but I would not be able to tell you anything about the book. I know it was a collection of stories set in South America. We're a public library, so I keep the copies for historical purposes. Also, we only have one copy for most of the early Newbery winners, since they were purchased when we just had one library, so it's not like they're taking up much room.

It's been interesting to go back and revisit some that I read in my childhood. I remember liking Miracles on Maple Hill, but I thought it was rather boring! On the other hand, I read Ginger Pye for the first time and loved it.