Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Picture Book Roundup, Part Two

2012 is proving to be a fine year for picture books.

Yoko Learns to Read

In Rosemary Wells's latest entry in her popular Yoko series, young Yoko learns to read, and even encourages her mother to learn English (Yoko is a cat, but she is Japanese).  This is a cute series; recommended if you haven't read it yet!

Penny and Her Song

How does Kevin Henkes continuously create picture books that are charming, attractive, irresistible....I could go on...?  Penny and Her Song (which is actually an easy reader) features the super cute Penny.  Penny just looooves to sing. Having little baby mice needing their rest, though, prevents Penny from singing very much.  Thankfully, Papa and Mama come up with a solution. 


Green has received a ton of Caldecott buzz.  And no wonder--the illustrations are astonishingly brilliant.  As a fan of Laura Vaccaro Seeger, I would be super happy.  Using her trademark diecut technique, Seeger brings the reader into a stunning world of greenery.  Gorgeous!

Roundup Three is on its way!

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